In the quest to streamline and align the course outline to develop a curriculum for the Master of Technology (MTech) Degree programme in Hospitality and Sustainable  Events Management, the School of Applied Sciences and Technology of the Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) under the auspices of the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (USA) on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, at 10:20a.m, organized the second  Stakeholders’ Workshop at the Conference Room of the John K. Borsah Library Complex of Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU).  The main purpose of the Workshop was to ensure that the course contents of the programme were aligned with the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) requirements for accreditation. The workshop saw Lecturers from both the Hospitality/Tourism Departments and the School of Graduate Studies and a representative from the industry.

The Dean of School of Applied Sciences and Technology (SAST), (Prof. Rita Elsie Sanful) in her opening remarks expressed her gratitude to members for their selflessness and enthusiasm displayed towards the success of the Project. She indicated that the main purpose of the second workshop was to peruse the content of the course outline and also to discuss a consensus of members for amendments or otherwise to suit the accreditation requirements of GTEC. Prof. Sanful again indicated that a final workshop was slated for August 2023, and the actual date for the workshop was going to be communicated to members in due course. She was optimistic that at the next workshop, members would have had the complete document which would be sent to the School Board for discussion and further send to the Academic Board after which steps would be taken for accreditation.

Prof. Roselyn Okech of the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (USA) in brief remarks commended the participants for the dedication exhibited. She was enthusiastic that the project was going to be successful and hoped that the input of members would aid the overall project.  

Mr. Michael Kissi of the Department of Tourism in his presentation on behalf of the Department of Tourism indicated that the Hospitality and Tourism Departments were tasked with the grouping of the courses chosen by members at the previous workshop. He, therefore, presented what the Department of Tourism had done for the first and second semesters to be included in the curriculum. He, therefore, requested inputs from their counterparts from the Department of Hospitality. Members however made inputs while he presented for objective additions, suggestions, modifications etc. which perfected the overall document for a solid curriculum.

Present at the meeting were Prof. Roselyn Okech of the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (USA), the Dean of Applied Sciences and Technology SAST, (Prof. Rita Elsie Sanful), the Dean of Graduate School (Dr. Stephen Agyefi-Mensah), a representative of the industry and a staff of the Ridge Royal Hotel (Mrs. Gifty Koufie) and members of staff of both the Hospitality and Tourism Departments. Jemimah Adjei-Attah reported for the Directorate of Public Affairs.

Source: Directorate of Public Affairs