School of Business & Management Studies

Background Information

The School of Business and Management Studies (SOBAMS) was established in 1992.  The School host five departments that run about twenty-three programmes, both tertiary and non-tertiary. It has about thirty (30) teaching staff and a student population of about two thousand. The School is known for its research in small and medium enterprise creation and development. The School has many collaborations with industries, professional bodies and agencies responsible for small and medium enterprise development. It has also trained several business professionals working in both the private and public sectors.



To become a model innovative, technology-driven and entrepreneurial Business School with national and international recognition.



To provide quality, career-oriented educational experience to our students through technology-driven and practice-oriented training and applied research in collaboration with industry.


Objective Statement

Grow the School into a technology-driven, innovative and entrepreneurial hub in the University.


Core Values

  • Respect
  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism





Four Year Degree (Top-Up)

  1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  2. Marketing Studies

Two Year Degree (Top-Up)

  1. B.Tech Accounting with Computing
  2. B.Tech Marketing Studies
  3. B.Tech Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  4. B.Tech Secretaryship and Management Studies

Higher National Diploma

  1. HND Accounting
  2. HND Accounting with Computing
  3. HND Marketing Studies
  4. HND Secretaryship and Management Studies
  5. HND Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Professional Diploma

  1. Professional Diploma in Banking Technology and Accounting
  2. Professional Diploma in Computerized Accounting
  3. Professional Diploma in Business Administration


  1. Diploma in Banking Technology and Accounting
  2. Diploma in Computerized Accounting
  3. Diploma in Business Administration
  4. Diploma in Procurement Management
  5. Diploma in Public Relations
  6. Diploma in Electronic Marketing