Department Of Renewable Energy And Technology

Head's Message

Dr. Ernestina M. Amewornu

Head, Department Of Renewable Energy And Technology

Department Of Renewable Energy And Technology


Renewable Energy has been identified by the Government of Ghana as one of the options that could contribute to the overall energy supply mix and minimise the adverse effects of energy production on the environment. Besides, Renewable Energy programmes and projects have enormous potential to reduce poverty and improve the socio-economic development of the country, particularly, in rural communities. Thus, the 2030 Renewable Energy Master Plan (REMP) rolled out by Ghana government seeks, among other things, to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the national energy generation mix, provide renewable energy-based decentralised electrification options, and promote local content and local participation in the renewable energy industry.

In the quest of achieving the above objectives, Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) established the Department of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) in 2020. Coincidentally, the niche area of the University is Renewable Energy. Thus, the programme sits well at the core of the strategic and academic direction of the University.