Department Of Liberal Studies

Head's Message

Dr. Sophia Pardie Ocran

Head, Department Of Liberal Studies

Department Of Liberal Studies


The liberal and Communication studies department is a department operating under the School of Applied Arts, after the separation of the school from the then School of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2020. Like the heart, the department serves all other academic departments in the University. As a department, it strives to make students understand the world from a range of different perspectives – Engineering, Business, Political and Cultural.  At Liberal and Communication Studies, we make the different disciplines on campus interact by examining and harnessing ideas and events that shape today’s contemporary society. In addition, we help students learn new modern languages or improve their existing language skills. We offer a myriad of courses, which include African Studies, Communicative Skills, and Critical Thinking, Introduction to Phonetics and Literature, Research Methodology and the mandatory Math’s and Science for the Access Students. We have also introduced new programmes such as Bachelor of Information Science, Diploma in Librarianship which are yet to  commence.


The vision of the department is to raise agile – thinking professionals with analytic and expressive skills that translate easily between career fields to examine issues from multiple perspectives and solve problems effectively.


The department’s mission is to offer broadly interdisciplinary skills, tailored to match a wide variety of students’ educational and professional goals