Profile of Dr. Anthony Hercules Turkson

Dr.  Anthony Hercules Turkson was born on August 11, 1971 at Assin Fosu in the Central Region of Ghana.  He hails from Saltpond, also in the Central Region of Ghana. Dr. Turkson is the second Substantive Registrar of Cape Coast Technical University(CCTU), after its conversion from a Polytechnic to a Technical University. He started from a very humble beginning as Assistant Planning Officer of the Polytechnic in June, 2007. He has worked continuously as a University Administrator for 16 years at CCTU.  

Dr. Turkson’s 16-year career at CCTU has seen him rise through the ranks, holding various high-level portfolios such as Head of Planning Section, Head of General Administration Division, Director of Human Resources and Director of Academic Affairs.  He has served on various committees within the University as either a Chairman, Secretary or Member. Mention can be made of the Cape Coast Polytechnic Council (2008-2007;2013-2015; 2015 to 2017), Appointments Review Committee (2020 to 2022), University Appointments and Promotions Board (2019 to 2023), Audit Committee (2019 to Date), Staff Development and Scholarships Committee (2019 to 2023), Administration Appointments and Promotions Committee (2019 to 2023), Audit Report Implementation Committee (March 2016 to 2018) and Entity Tender Committee (2016 to 2018). 

Dr, Turkson has also served on various Academic Board Sub -Committees and Adhoc Committees of Council and Academic Board. Some of the Committee were: Risk Management Team (2021 to Date), Disciplinary Committee-Senior Member (2020), Disciplinary Committee- Junior Member (2016 ), Business Advisory Committee (2015 to 2016), Timetable Planning Committee (2015 to 2016), Congregation Committee (2007 to 2019), Matriculation Committee (2007 to 2019) and  Planning and Resource Committee (2007 to 2016). Others were the Policy Review Committee (2023), Committee to Draft Conditions of Service for,CCTU (2021), Committee to Consider Establishment of a Benefit Package for CCTU Retirees (2020), Review Committee to Consider Promotion Criteria for Senior Members -Non-Teaching (2020), Review Committee for  Staff Development Policy (2020), Committee to Consider Proposal for the Provision of 24/hour Service at the University Clinic (2021), Committee to Review Cape Coast Polytechnic Statutes (2016), Conversion of Polytechnic Sub-Committee (2015), Fact-Finding Committee on Alleged Breaches of the University Statutes (2015), Strategic Planning Committee (2013)  and Special Access Programme Committee (2013).

Dr Turkson has also participated in many training workshops and conferences in the University settings as a Resource Person. He is an expert in using management models and approaches to solve critical management and administrative problems. He is also a specialist in organisational restructuring, organisational development, higher educational planning, human resource management practices, training and development of human resources, and policy review and development. Dr Turkson is also a Consultant in Higher Educational Management and Administration, as well as a Career Counsellor and has provided technical advice on administrative systems to numerous public and private universities. He is the former Acting Consultant Registrar of Mfantsiman Institute of Technology.

Prior to the appointment of Dr. Turkson in the tertiary education landscape, he was the Head of the Accounts and Administrative Unit of the Catholic Regional Education Unit, Accra ( 2004 -2005  ) and later became the Head of the Counselling Unit of O’Reilly  Secondary School, Accra (2005-2007).  As a trained business educator, Dr. Turkson taught business subjects in Ghana National College between 1999 to 2004 before his transfer to the Regional Catholic Education Unit, Accra. 

Dr. Turkson brings to the position a rich mix of academic and professional qualifications. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Management Education, a Master of Philosophy in Educational Planning, a Master of Business Administration (Finance), and a Bachelor of Education in Social Sciences (Accounting/Management) from the University of Cape Coast. Dr. Turkson is also a Chartered Professional Administrator, Chartered Management Consultant and Associate Member, of the Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management, Ghana. He obtained his GCE “O” and “A” Level certificates at Ghana National College in 1991 and 1993, respectively, and the Middle School Leaving Certificate in 1986 at St. Peter and Paul Anglican School, Saltpond.

Dr. Turkson is an External Assessor for the ten (10) Technical Universities in Ghana and he has a total of 32 Papers, including; journal articles, position papers, concept papers, technical/ administrative reports, proposals, generative memoranda, and policy documents. He is a Christian who worships at the Calvary Charismatic Centre and is married with three children.

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