John Kofi Borsah Library

The John Kofi Borsah Library is a four-storey building complex (including a basement). The basement houses the ICT centre and Book-Bindery. On the ground floor are the General Reference, Research and Digital Libraries.The Business Library is on the second floor while the third floor houses the Engineering, Applied Sciences and Arts Library. The Conference, Presentation Hall and Distance Leaing Centre are located on the fourth floor.

The Library is open during the semester from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. and on Saturdays 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. During examination periods the Library closes at 10.00pm from Monday to Friday.

The Librarian, who is currently the head of the Library, is responsible for the management and supervision of all library functions in an efficient, timely and accurate manner. He also ensures a a that the Library has a good relationship with exteal bodies, for instance, publishers, suppliers and booksellers.The Library provides services such as lending and reference services, reprographic service, comb-binding and lamination, book-binding and repairs, e-resource and digital service.







*Mr. Mark Quaye Afum    

BA Publishing Stud.

Jnr. Asst. Librarian


Ms. Philomina Eshun        

BA Info. Tech. (with Pol. Sci.)

Snr. Library Asst.


Mr. Mark K. Boateng

BA History & Psychology

Snr. Library Asst.


Mr. Michael Fosu

NIIT Hons. NIIT Prof. Dip. IT

Snr. Technologist


Mr. Edmund A. Sackey

HND Graphics

Snr. Technician


Ms. Gladys E. Gorman

HND Sec. & Mgt. Studies

Snr. Admin. Asst.

*Pursuing Masters degree

In addition to the above mentioned staff are junior and auxiliary staff comprising 8 Junior Library Assistants, 9 Junior Library Assistants, 1 Technician, 3 Book Binders and 4 Cleaners.


The Library’s total stock of both print and non-print materials include: 26,020-plus volumes, Journals (12 titles); Magazines (8 titles); Govement Publications (i.e. Acts, Executive and Legislative Instruments); 7,224 –plus students Project-works; CD ROMS 1,031-plus; Audio Tapes 29; Video Tapes 24; and E-jouals 9.

E-Resource and Digital Centre

The services and the collections of libraries are becoming digital and global due to the application of Information Communication Technology. The E-resources and Digital Section of the library have 50 networked computers with internet access to enhance academic work.