Directorate of Works
Directorate of Works



Mr. Gabriel Hagan, Director

The Director of Works and Physical Development operates under the Vice-Chancellor. He is responsible for the overall development and maintenance of the Physical environment of the University and the provision of essential services in an effective and efficient manner.


The Director of Works and Physical Development oversees activities of the following divisions:

The Physical Development Works and Housing

Development Office

Architecture and Engineering

Quantity Surveying

Grounds and Environmental Health

Services and Operations

Environmental Health Services

Estate Organization

  • Supervises all works and contracts to ensure that construction and renovations are in consonance with prevailing industry standards and specifications.
  • Oversees the management of construction contracts with the view of ensuring compliance and due delivery of projects.
  • Advises on the procurement of consultancy services relating to the provision of technical advice on construction in compliance with national laws and regulations.
  • Responsible for management and maintenance of the buildings, roads, drains, parks and gardens of the University and their designs and drawings.
  • Advises on the management and control of land use.
  • Advises the Vice-Chancellor and the University Council on matters of land and development.
  • Provides architectural and engineering designs and bills of quantities for all University construction projects.


Profile Of The Director Of Works