Published on 2019-10-01

CCTU under the auspices of the Directorate of International Affairs & Institutional Linkages in collaboration with TH Koln-University of Applied Sciences in Cologne had a two day stakeholder’s workshop on Renewable Energy for lecturers in the Faculty of Engineering.

On arrival, Prof. Thorsten Schneider and Silvan Rummeny paid a courtesy call on the Vice Chancellor of CCTU, Rt. Rev. Prof. Ing. J.D. Owusu-Sekyere.

Prof. Thorsten Schneider, A Professor in Renewable Energy, Mr. Silvan Rummeny, a PhD candidate and a representative from the Department of Electricals/Electronics made presentations. In Prof. Thorsten Schneider’s presentation, the lecturers were taken through the impact of renewable energy, the different sources of renewable energy and how it could be sustained in Cape Coast Technical University.

A PhD candidate in renewable energy, Mr. Silvan Rummeny used the opportunity to present on the different types of modeling in renewable energy. He further discussed areas of collaboration in modeling to be considered by Lecturers who intend to further their studies.

In their presentation, the representative of the Electricals Department brought to the fore the energy needs of the Eco Guest House, proposed project for the University. In an interview with Director of International Affairs, Dr. Rita Elsie Sanful, and a facilitator for the workshop disclosed that, the two-day programme has been of great impact to the lecturers. She was of the view that the workshop has opened up challenges on the energy needs, especially the energy needs regarding the Eco Guests House project. She further indicated that more of such workshops should be organized to bring to the knowledge of lecturers the solution to energy challenges and also to broaden their horizon.


Source: Public Relations Unit, CCTU