Published on 2019-07-12



As part of the requirement to complete a Higher National Diploma (HND) programme, final year students are to undertake a project to fulfill an academic requirement. Mechanical Engineering students of CCTU have designed and implemented a remote controlled electromechanical boom gate. The aim of the project was to modify a manually operated gate into an automated one that would replace the existing boom gate at the Cape Coast Technical University’s main exit.    


At the main exit of the school was a manually operated boom gate, which was manually developed by a group of students at the Mechanical Engineering Department of CCTU.  Over the years, the security personnel at the university had challenges operating the manual heavy gates. High traffic at the exist especially after close of work and arduous activity of intermittently rising up to open and close the gate with each passage of each car creates a lot of inconveniences.


To solve this challenge, the final year students have converted the original boom gate by employing an electromechanically motor and gears for opening and closing the boom gate.  The students also designed and incorporated a remote control system which uses a radio transmitter and receiver to operate the gate from a distance. The remote control device makes it possible to open and close the gate from a distance of about 250 meters without security personnel necessary walking to the gate each time to manually open and close.


Students replacing the manually operated heavy gate with an automatic one has eliminated the fatigue and boredom associated with manually closing and opening of the heavy gate.


Source: Public Relations Office.